Hello I hope someone can answer a question for me.

"I recently got diagnosed with cancer I work at a Indian Gaming Casino and they go by federal laws and do urine drug tests. I was wondering if I go to my cancer doctor and ask him to subscribe me Marinol the pill format of marijuana and it contains THC will it be ok for my job employment to not fire me. Since if its in a pill format it is both state and FDA approved. Please give me some opinions. I would like to keep my job and have the benefits of medical cannabis."

I think that this is very hard to answer without conferring with your employer. As far as I am aware, there is no protection under California law from employers firing employees after drug testing, regardless of the doctors recommendation, or form of medication (pill or other).

Since you work on an Indian Casino, I am assuming they don’t follow California law, and instead have their own policy on that matter. One would assume that since they are doing drug testing, their policy would not allow THC.

My suggestion is to ask them for clarification of their policy before taking any form of THC medication. Perhaps if you discuss your intent to use Marinol, they may make an exception for you or change their blanket policy against THC (assuming there is one).

If you are worried about jeopardizing your employment by asking, perhaps have a non related party ask on your behalf, saying they know an employee who has this issue, but wants to remain anonymous.

I hope this helps. Good luck with your treatment.


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