Hello, which pure CBD oil (brand) can you recommend for chronic inflammation, pain, anxiety and depression?

I would recommend our Super High CBD whole plant tincture using the strain AC/DC. It is in a base of 190 ethyl alcohol. A 1oz bottle has 18.3mg/ml of CBD and 0.62mg/ml of THC. That comes out to 549mg of CBD per 1oz bottle. A little goes a long way. It can be helpful for anxiety, inflammation and pain.


Hey there,

I myself suffer from insomnia, anxiety, and depression and have found CBD Oil from All Natural Way very useful.
I just love their CBD products, they smell and taste great and are super effective.
After I started consuming them my irregular sleep cycles and mood changes drastically reduced.
To be specific I usually buy https://www.allnaturalway.com/collections/oil/products/cbd-oil-for-pain-250mg-1.
All the best!


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