Help for an overly anxious 10lb rat terrier

"I was recently in Colorado at a dispensary looking for something to help my 10lb rat terrier with severe anxiety. My vet has recommended MANY natural products as well as using Benadryl but nothing works for him. They will not prescribe any mood enhancing meds for him so we’re looking for an alternative. When I asked the dispensary about CBD, they didn’t think it would help with the anxiety but said a CBD/THC blend might help. What can you recommend? He chews his fur, spins in circles, and barks at EVERYTHING (sound/sight)."

You need to be very careful with dogs and THC. A little might help him, but my understanding is that THC is actually poisonous for cannines in higher doses.

I also had a 10 pound rat terrier and found success with giving him Treatibles (CBD cookies specifically for pets) to help him with his arthritis. This was pretty much the only thing he would tolerate, all of the vet provided medication did not suit him at all.

Its hard to say whether the Treatibles made him calmer, as he was pretty old already and so very calm. Anyway, I would definitely give them a shot if I were you. Here is the link to where you can find them:


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