help with cannabis in wisconsin

"can you help with questions about other states outside California? I live in Wisconsin, 10 miles from Minnesota where my doctor is"

That is what our Answers platform is all about. Our physicians are able to post general answers to questions from people all over the world. We will not establish doctor patient relationship with you however to give you specific details about your specific case. Our physicians are well versed in cannabis as it relates to various medical conditions and can relay their experience and knowledge. Various manufacturers and dispensaries can answer questions regarding their specific products that may or may not be available in your state.

There are also thousands of people from all over the world commenting on various questions about what they find works for them for their condition. This community of like minded people is able to pass along their experiences with what type of cannabis, best way they found to use it, etc and how it effected their medical condition.

Perry Solomon, MD

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