Hi. I’m having hemorrhoid repair surgery in a few weeks. What would help

CBD rectal suppositories would likely stop the inflammation making your surgery easier but you must stop the CBD and any Vitamin D3 you may be supplementing, fortyeight hours before surgery, since both could encourage bleeding but you may resume postoperatively when you return home. After surgery you may not be able to use a suppository but you could apply the topical 1:1, THC:CBD cream hourly to your perineum and the low back to stop pain at the surgical site and it would also help if you took CBD orally as an edible, tincture or vape pen. CBD does need time to build up in the body for the best pain relief results. I have found that most people notice relief around 30mg of CBD per 24 hours but if you have a lot of inflammation you may need to go higher with your CBD or add a little more THC for full pain coverage. It also helps to have a donut cushion and ice bag for sitting, learn to do Keigel exercises and take enough magnesium to keep your stools soft and easy to pass and do not forget the Vitamin C for tissue healing.


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