How can a vape company be "medical" when components in the vape pens, like plastic, off gas when heated?

W Vapes cartridges are made from medical-grade glass and stainless steel components, exactly for this reason. The flower that we use to create our extracts are pesticide-free and sourced from local family farms that adhere to incredibly high quality standards. There are no additives, flavorings, solvents, or fillers used in our process. We do small-batch, strain-specific extractions, dedicated to maintaining the authenticity of the original flower in the final concentrate. As one of the first vape companies to introduce the glass and stainless steel cartridge in the vape space, we are happy to see so many other brands following our lead, as we believe the use of plastic components may prove to be detrimental to patient’s health, via off-gassing, leaching, etc.


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