How can I get a Cannabis card for my anxiety, ADHD, and getting no sleep?

My name is Samantha. I am 19 years old. I live in Pennsylvania and I suffer from survior Axiety, AD. When I was in highschool andIwent home schooled becasue I had horrible anxiety to the point where I would have panic attacks every second of the day.I think I have social axiety as well because every time I have to talk to a new person I start to sweat, stumble my world and never make scence. My ADHD doesnt help either. im so hyper at home but I never really leave home because its the only place I feel comfortable. To this day my anxiety and panic attacks dont go away wherever i go. I cant remeber the last time I got a good night sleep. My anxiety keeps me up most of the night. I lay in bed anxious until about 4am. Ive tried anxiety medication but it made me Very depressed and have suicidal thoughts. ive tried cannibs and thats the only thing that has helped me. Its helped my stress level go down rapidly. My heart doesnt race every second and i get sleep. I feel comfortable on it.

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