How can I get a Medical card if I live in Missouri

Currently, the state has it on the ballot to put a medical marijuana program into place in November 2016 which would allow patients with a variety of medical conditions to access marijuana from a regulated dispensary. It looks to be fairly comprehensive and inclusive of many serious conditions, if it is to pass!

Typically, if such a law passes then it takes at least up to a year to put regulations into place, open licensed dispensaries, grow operations, and to educate doctors so that they are willing to recommend cannabis, etc. If you would like to have a medical card and purchase products you would need to travel to either a recreational legal state such as Oregon, Washington or Colorado and ingest cannabis within the states borders or travel to California and receive a medical card and again purchase and ingest within the state’s borders.

I hope this helps!


It will be a little while before the Dept of Health and Senior Services starts issuing ID cards.

Missouri Medical Marijuana (https://www.medical-marijuana-missouri.com/) will be notifying patients as soon as they can apply for the card.

The first step will be finding a doctor that reccomends marijuana – also something the site will help with when the time comes.

Your doctor will fill out a form, you will submit that with your application to the Dept of Health, and you will get your card.

Here are 19 Things to Know about Amendment 2 which is responsible for bringing medical marijuana to Missouri:


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