How can I get cannabis oil for the treatment of cancer?

There are no products on the market that purport to treat cancer–that’s because there is currently no proof that cannabis does so. Furthermore, any company that does make such a claim is highly suspect. I’d recommend reading this Q&A thread that invovles a question similar to yours: https://www.hellomd.com/answers/58a70e05ef7d19000b36f206/is-this-good-for-treating-cancer-or-what-would-be-recommended

Danielle Lim

I have a handful of members that are taking High CBD tincture and also concentrated THC oil (RSO oil) for their cancer. Some people use cannabis to help with the negative effects of chemo/radiation, (nausea, pain, appetite etc…) and has been very effective. Others take both to target the cancer itself. Yes there are no studies done and I cannot say that cannabis cures cancer. What I can say is that I have 4 people with various cancers that have been taking High CBD tincture + RSO oil every day and have scans done every 3 months with the result being "unremarkable" meaning no new tumors and no activity. That’s all I can say given the feedback that I have been given.



I don’t think cannabis oil is the ultimate cure for cancer but it does help in pain management.

My friend suffers from skin cancer and she uses the following product of which I’m going to insert link for you:


I too have been using this oil for chronic  backache which has given me tones of relief, now I know the pain of cancer isn’t comparable to backache but I just wanted to state that it is safe and effective.

We buy them online and get them in mail without any complications.

All the best and God bless you!


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