How can I purchase online and have mailed to my house? An available online dispensary?

"And if not someone should really figure out a way to do that. I have to drive 40 miles to get this…. And wish I could have it mailed."

Hey there! Yep, it is possible and exists! We are Overnight Kush, a premiere online collective that ships all over California overnight with discreet shipping. We’ve been around for over a couple years now and our reputation has been rapidly growing. Our verification process is quick and easy, and we offer a loyalty program with discounts for avid members. Come check us out! And let me know if you have any other questions. 🙂

—-> https://OvernightKush.com


That will be an incredible day, when the laws shift to allow the shipment of MMJ! For now, there are some great delivery services that provide services throughout the state. Depending on what region you are in, you might find a good delivery service nearby on our locator map (https://wvapes.com/retail-locator/) or drop us a line at info@wvapes.com and we can try to find a good solution for you!


Hi There!

Please check out WWW.CANNABIZON.COM

We are an online Collective serving the entire state of California via next day shipping. Discrete and our members love the service!

Hope to welcome you as a new member of the family!


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