How do hmbldt dose pens work?

"Are they vape pens? Is it a tincture?"

We recently had a visit from the Hmbldt team and were given a demo on how these nifty pens work. First they are developed to create a certain experience so they have four pens: Sleep, Calm, Relief and Bliss. The pen itself looks futuristic and was devised to work and heat the oil inside differently from other vape pens, which are mostly designed and fabricated in China.

Hmbldt pens are made so that the oils are not over heated so they retain more of the cannabinoid and terpene profiles which translates into a very different flavor. The vape is also slightly cool, which is a different experience. When you inhale you are supposed to do so until the pen vibrates at which point you know you have had the accurate dosage.

This is where the pen really stands apart, as that vibration indicates one dose so you can really understand how much CBD to THC you have ingested. This allows for a well rounded and consistent experience. I really like the pens.


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