How do hmbldt's formulas differ from each other?

Each of hmbldt’s targeted formulations (Bliss, Calm, Sleep and Relief) are designed with a specific THC:CBD ratio and terpene profile to deliver the functional benefits of the medicinal extracts. While all of the formulas contain 88% cannabinoid fraction (with 73% THC and CBD) and 12% terpene blend, the ratios of THC:CBD and the amount and type of terpenes in each formulation is different.
The hmbldt bliss formula combines the best of the plant’s uplifting cannabinoids and terpenes and has a 9:1 THC:CBD ratio (66% THC and 7% CBD).
The hmbldt calm formula is a high CBD formula with a 1:15 THC:CBD ratio (4.4% THC and 68.6% CBD) and a soothing terpene profile.
The hmbldt sleep formula combines the best of the plant’s sleep-promoting cannabinoids and terpenes and has a 8:1 THC:CBD ratio (65% THC and 8% CBD).
The hmbldt relief formula is a recipe for pain management that contains a higher amount of CBD (2:1 THC:CBD, 49% THC and 24% CBD) with a pain-fighting terpene profile.
Please visit for more specific information on the cannabinoid and terpene profiles of each of our targeted, need state formulations!


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