How do I access medical marijuana in New York City?

”I recently moved to New York and want to start using medical marijuana, I’m new to the city and need some direction on how to do this. What are the laws in New York?”

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Currently, in New York, adults 21+ can legally possess marijuana, this was legalized on September 21st, 2021. The easiest way to go about getting medical cannabis in New York is to get your medical marijuana card. You can do this by consulting with a New York-licensed physician or nurse in person.

Your other option would be to get a medical card through safe and secure online telehealth with HelloMD. You can read more on how to get your medical card here .

Some changes are coming soon to New York City regarding their medical marijuana laws. You can expect to see the allowance of whole flower and the “smoking” of cannabis; home grow permitted subject to possession limits – 3 mature plants and three immature plants for adults over 21, expanding limits to a 60-day supply (previously 30), and so much more. The medical marijuana industry within New York is expanding rapidly, so what better time to get your medical marijuana card?

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You can smoke weed in New York just about anywhere you can smoke tobacco, now that’s progressive! State regulations in New York allow for the creation of retail licenses, permitting licensed dispensaries to sell cannabis products. Here you can learn more about New York State adult marijuana use

Home delivery of cannabis products is also allowed as well as on-site consumption at dispensaries that have a permit for this practice. The first recreational cannabis dispensaries should start operating sometime in 2022. The licensing needed for companies to open dispensaries is lengthy, so New York hasn’t seen any recreational dispensaries yet.

With this in mind, New York has been loosening the rules governing sales of medical marijuana by expanding the list of conditions covered by its use. In terms of medical cannabis dispensaries, New Yorkers are left with some top-tier options. You should be able to find one near you that has a great selection of products and services. This article gives you a great selection of dispensaries and where to find them.

Every legal New York dispensary must have a licensed pharmacist on staff to give you excellent medical advice about your cannabis purchase. Verilife is a great dispensary with four locations in New York – Albany, Liverpool, Bronx, and Onondaga counties. This dispensary offers innovative product lines based on consumer tastes and offers a same-day delivery service!

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