How do I find a doctor willing to tell my mom that marijuana use is safe?

"I’m 22 years old and moving out soon, but my mom has gotten into a few arguments with me over smoking pot. She says that it does nothing but ruin people’s lives and I’ve told her repeatedly this is false and given her a lot of information on why but she wont trust it unless it’s from a doctor. I’d prefer to have her understand that I’m not at risk and for her to not worry, and on top of that I’m pretty sure she has chronic pain that could easily be alleviated by marijuana if she was open to the idea of it. We live on Long Island, NY."

It is very difficult to convince anyone, especially a parent about something so culturally ingrained as cannabis. I felt the same way before learning about CBD and how it could transform people’s lives. Perhaps you could show her appropriate conservative videos from physician posted on youtube on the problems that you suspect she has. I frequently recommend the use of a topical CBD tincture or cream (5-10mg/mL) applied to particularly painful joints, like the hands. Almost of my clients get significant relief within 10 minutes. The local knitting and quilting group in my town is crazy about the CBD cream.


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