How do I get a medical marijuana card in New York City?

”I have chronic lower back pain and have heard that medical cannabis can help with pain relief. I’m interested in getting a med card in New York, I’m just not sure how to go about doing so”

Margot D.

Applying for a medical cannabis certification in New York has become incredibly easy as HelloMD has launched its telehealth service in New York. Now you can apply for a certification from the comfort of your home; it’s private and 100% online. Your first step in getting a medical marijuana card will be understanding if your medical condition qualifies under New York States’ qualifying conditions for cannabis certification.

You do not need to provide medical records during your consultation, but any additional details you provide will help the practitioner determine if cannabis is right for you. During your meeting with a practitioner, you will discuss whether cannabis seems to be the best fit for you and how to best use cannabis as a treatment for your condition.

If you decide that getting your medical cannabis certification is something you want to do from home, HelloMD has you covered get a medical card You can start by registering with HelloMD and completing your medical case on the website. This will require that you complete a medical questionnaire and provide details about your condition for the practitioner to review before meeting with you.

Additionally, you will be required to upload proof of your identity and pay the $129 consultation fee. Unfortunately, health insurance does not cover this fee, just as a side note. Once you’ve completed your registration, you’re ready to meet with a practitioner over live video. During your consultation, you can expect your practitioner to review your medical history and discuss your condition to decide if cannabis is an appropriate treatment for you.

If approved, you will receive your unique certification number following your consultation – this can be downloaded as a PDF file from your HelloMD case history. Your last step to getting your medical cannabis card in New York will be to register online with the state of New York. The PDF from HelloMD gives customers step-by-step instructions on how to do this.

Once you’ve received your card, it’s time to shop for the best products for your individual needs! HelloMD’s website has tons of information on the best cannabis products for personal medical issues that can help you decide what suits you best more on legal cannabis in New York Hope this helps!

Anne M.

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