How do I get a prescription in Tennessee?

"I’d like to get cannabis CBD products for seizures and PTSD. Do I need to travel to another state?"

Tennessee permits hemp-derived CBD products. Hemp is a variety of the cannabis sativa L. species that contains very little (less than 1%) amounts of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the primary psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. Tennessee only recognizes one qualifying medical condition, and that is intractable seizures. Unfortunately, there are no state-licensed dispensaries, and home cultivation is prohibited. Currently, you must obtain cannabis oil lawfully in another state to possess it in Tennessee. The product must be in a bottle labeled by the manufacturer showing it contains no more than 0.9% THC; and you’ll also need to have “a legal order or recommendation” from the other state showing you suffer from intractable seizures.


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