How do I get my care giver to accompany me to dispensary

Hi there!

If you will be unable to pick up your medication at a dispensary yourself, California law allows you to designate one (1) caregiver.

In order for us to issue you the caregiver form, your caregiver must be present with you during the time of the consultation. During the consultation, please let us know that you’ll need a caregiver form and we can go ahead and create that for you and mail it out with your embossed recommendation.

When your caregiver goes to the dispensary to pick up medication for you, they’ll want to take the following:
-The patient’s original, embossed recommendation.
-The caregiver form.
-The caregiver’s official state or government issued ID.

If you are requesting one after the consultation, I am afraid we will be unable to create one for you. However, you can download the template below and create one yourself and designate your caregiver.

Please note that California law allows you to designate one (1) caregiver.

I hope this information helps! 🙂


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