How do i get rid of pain caused by inflammation?

If your pain is caused by inflammation then let’s start by getting rid of that inflammation! There are many forms of cannabis that could help you out!

Topicals are a great way to fight local inflammation and I use them on my back and wrists every week! I am still blown away by how well topicals work for relief from pain caused by inflammation.

Smoking or vaping is another good way to fight inflammation, though I have found this less effective than topicals for my back and wrists.

Edibles are another fantastic way to fight chronic inflammation and they are generally stronger and last longer than vaping or smoking. I kind of think it as a time release version of inhaled cannabis. I always caution new users to start very low with edibles. They can be very strong!

Many find relief through tinctures as well. I am the least experienced with these so I can only comment in a limit capacity. I know that many find them effective and they are probably the best way to start with cannabis.


I’m not a professional in this field, but I would recommend using CBD of some sort. Ingesting it and using it topically would both probably help.


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