How do I know I'm using the right dose of Treatibles?

"I have a 220 lb. English Mastiff with arthritis."

Every animal’s physiology is different and this impacts:

a) the amount of time it takes for the Treatibles to take effect,
b) the ideal amount for each serving, and
c) the frequency of each serving

We suggest starting with the recommended serving (1 mg. per 10 lbs. of weight), spreading each serving out in 4-8 hour intervals, then keenly monitoring your pet’s response. If your pet does not demonstrate improvement within one hour, give them another half to whole treat.

Pay close attention to your pet and your pet will show you what it needs. Remember – you know your pet better than anyone else!


Wow! What a gift your pup must be! We have found the most effective dosage for pups is around 1mg for every 10 lbs. That’s how we’ve dosed our smaller treats.

With heavier dogs, we suggest utilizing our larger chews as they contain 2.5mg per chew. Somewhere between 6-8 chew per dosage would suit your pup well.

I’d suggest starting on the lower end (4-6) and working your way up to the recommended dosage. If he/she doesn’t like the chews alone, try crushing them up and adding them to a favorite meal.

As Lisa mentioned, keep an eye on how your furball is behaving. You know your pup best!


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