how do I know which strain is for me

Every single patient is different so the optimum strain in terms of plants/ flowers will be different as well. I tell patients to experiment with hybrids first. If a particular strain has been tested in a lab, one can find out it’s CBD to THC ratio as well as the presence of any other smaller cannabinoids (i.e. cannabinol/ CBN, cannabigerol/ CBG, cannabichromene/ CBC & others). I recommend that pt’s try this for a month, then go on and experiment with flowers/ products that have an alternative cannabinoid profile. I tell pts to pay attention to any side effects as well as general physiological/ psychological response to each cannabis product. Eventually you will optimize your med cannabis consumption and find specific products that address your symptoms with little/ no adverse reactions. You may need different products during the day (i.e. vape-pen for quick immediate response during the day for anxiety/ mood mgmt, etc and possibly edibles at night to help w/ sleep. Topicals med cannabis products may help w/ musculoskeletal & pain issues). The whole point is to (safely) experiment with different products & different cannabinoid profiles slowly to find the best combination.


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