How do the Flow Kana farmers respond to what you are doing?

"Are they all onboard with the idea, or is it a mixed bag? What do they see as their future place as the industry continues to commercialize? I personally think its great that you work directly with the farmers btw. "

I’m a co-founder of the PolyKulture Cannyard & Hashery, and our farm could not be happier working with Flow Kana. There are quite a few sharks out there, gobbling up small, innocent farms, but Flow Kana is the exception. We’ve been brought into a tight knit little family at Flow Kana, and we really feel like we stand a chance now. The small farms that have provided cannabis to California for decades are in danger of being edged out by large, well funded conglomerates looking to take over this exciting new industry, but Flow Kana is giving the little guys an edge. It will always be difficult for the large corporate cannabis companies to deliver the quality synonymous with the Emerald Triangle, so we’re hoping the people of California don’t lose that taste for quality, and keep coming back to Flow Kana!


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