How do the hmbdlt pens differ from others of the market?

I’m hearing a lot of buzz around these pens, but I’m not sure why…”

Sean P.

Hi there! hmbldt is different for two key reasons:

First, our formulas are based on science and designed to deliver a specific health benefit. We have four formulas available – bliss, sleep, (pain) relief and calm. Our formulas use precise blends of cannabinoids and terpenes, each formula is different ratio of cannabinoids and a unique blend of terpenes. Because we don’t rely on strain extracts, our formulas are always consistent.

Second, our hmbldt dose pen delivers a precise 2.25MG dose each and every time. The hmbldt dose pen is designed exclusively for our formulas. A slight vibration notifies you when your dose is complete.

Thanks for your question!
hmbldt guarantees satisfaction – all cannabis used in our formulas is sourced from Humboldt County, CA. – hmbldt uses no fillers

Derek D.

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