How do you get a medical marijuana card in Ohio?

"Is it legal for me to do so, and what are the requirements if it is?"

You may come through our service if you are located in California at the time of your consultation. We can ship your documents to whatever address you would like. Our doctors are licensed by the California board of medicine and not the Ohio medical board. As a result they cannot see you as a patient if you are in Ohio, or any other state.


I think you are asking where you can find a vape pen? Although Ohio technically now allows for marijuana it will be at least two years before dispensaries open and legally sell product. You can read more here:

Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Law: Here’s What You Should Know

We have recently written an article about how marijuana helps:

I wish I could be of more help!


The good news is that medical cannabis was legalized in Ohio at the end of 2016! The not-so-good news, is that the program is not yet operational; many details have yet to be determined. To stay abreast of the latest developments, please check out; this is your state’s official site dedicated to the implementation of the medical cannabis program.


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