How do you make CBD extracts?

Extraction techniques used for producing CBD products are different from those used for obtaining oil from hemp seeds. There are four commonly used CBD extraction methods: 1: Cold pressing, 2: Rick Simpson, 3: Ethanol or Olive Oil and 4: CO2. For brevity, we’ll explain the Rick Simpson Method and the CO2 Method.

The Rick Simpson technique uses petroleum or naphtha as solvents. This method, although efficient in extracting the active compounds from the cannabis plant (mostly done with marijuana plants), usually leads to products that have a lower concentration of terpenes and other cannabinoids such as CBD, while effectively yielding higher concentrations of THC.

CO2 Extraction is a more expensive, but non-toxic and extremely efficient method to obtain CBD oil. This requires complex equipment and expertise, but it is also free from hash solvents and ensures a highly potent and pure extract.

We only use CO2 extraction for all of our products. The CBD oil obtained through super critical extraction is a full spectrum cannabinoid-rich product, with numerous health benefits. The oil is transparent and has an amber color, being more qualitative than the fluid obtained through the previously mentioned techniques.

For more info on all four methods, see our website: https://elixinolcbd.com/blogs/buyers-guide/16641671-pros-and-cons-of-hemp-oil-extraction-techniques.


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