How do you obtain a license to transport large quantities of marijuana?

"I would like to know if I can getting license to transport up to 50lbs of medical marijuana in California?"

Maybe no one has answered yet because there is not an answer that I can find that allows you to be licensed to legally transport large quantities of marijuana. I’m not saying there isn’t a license I’m saying I can’t find it if it does exist. Some of the cannabis attorneys do offer a free first telephone consult so it may be a question you may want to ask cannabis attorney.
you may also want to read the California Vehicle Code 23222(b)VC, which prohibits driving while in possession of up to 28.5 g of marijuana. If you are working with a collective, the collective should know the legalities around transporting their products.
Good luck on finding the answer and maybe you can let us know what you find if it differs from Code 23222(b)VC.


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