How do you take shatter?

I wouldn’t try and take shatter. Those security guards at the dispensary look pretty tough… You can vaporize it with a waterpipe however 😀

Shatter is just a concentrate so I will refer to it in general terms for this explanation:
First, using a quartz, ceramic, or titanium tool, scoop a "dab" of your concentrate. Beginners should start with low strength concentrates and use dabs the size of small crumbs. You will then use a torch to heat either a titanium, quartz, or ceramic element attached to the end of a waterpipe or concentrate pipe. You want to allow the element to glow red and then cool and lose its color. Once the nail has done this it is at a more appropriate temperature to vaporize your concentrate. Now, drop your concentrate onto your heated element and inhale smoothly. You will know if you burn things if there is any residue left over on your heated attachment.

To maximize the efficiency of your concentrates you can also use a carb cap. This is a device that is used to change the atmospheric conditions of the heated element’s chamber to vaporize the concentrate at a lower temperature. This minimizes the amount of cannabinoids/terpenes that can be destroyed instead of vaporized. You can take this even further by using an electronically heated element instead of a torch.

The pipe you use is also of significance. You do not want to use the giant frat bong with 3 percs. Since concentrates are mostly THC vapor, it will condense on the walls of the pipe as it cools. A long pipe equals less vapor that makes it to your lungs. As a result, you will find that most concentrate rigs feature one dominant diffuser and a relatively short distance between the heated element and the mouth piece.

Another method that you can use to vaporize your concentrates is through a portable device. There are many devices that can accommodate various forms of concentrates, shatter included of course. Many dual coil atomizers will work well with concentrates, though fumbling with stickier forms of concentrated cannabis can become frustrating.

Some of my tips:

1: The residue inside your piece contains decarboxylated THC. You can reclaim it and either vaporize it again (kind of gross tasting, but it works), place it in a an edible (it is incredibly potent. BE CAREFUL!), or run it through your choice of purification processes (most common would be an alcohol wash).
2: Titanium heated elements are questionable, use quartz or ceramic.
3: Watch out for stainless steel! You do not want this near anything that is heated.
4: Don’t be intimidated by kids who do dabs until they can’t breath. It is not mandatory and in fact recommended not to do this.
5: Do not use percs
6: Do not worry too much about smell with dabs. The vapor smells very intensely, but dissipates extremely quickly with good ventilation if you are just by yourself. Invest in a smoke buddy for the most privacy.
7: Even if you aren’t a low temp kind of person, carb caps are good to have just in case you notice your dab has not fully vaporized. You can quickly put it on if the element has cooled too much to recover what may have been lost.
8: Keep heat away from your glass or it will crack and break.
9: I think thin titanium dabbers are the best : )


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