How does Girl Scout Cookies differ from OG Kush?

"It seems like it has the same THC content. Do these strains really produce different feelings?"

Both of these strains are hybrids. Their cannabinoid profiles are somewhat similar. It appears from testing profiles that OG Kush may express a slightly higher Myrcene and CBN concentration than Girl Scout Cookies. This may make the OG Kush slightly more sedating or relaxing. Having said that, individuals respond to strains with personal variability.

I recommend to my patients that they try a strain for a few days and keep notes on the effects so they can compare to other strain types.


Girl Scout Cookies is a hybrid of OG Kush (an indica dominant strain) and Durban Poison (a sativa dominant strain). While the THC content may be similar, the addition of sativa to the mix makes Girl Scout Cookies more of a balanced high rather than a body high you’d get from OG Kush.

People report strong euphoria and physical relaxation from OG Kush. Whereas Durban Poison is known as a more cerebral, energizing high that will combat fatigue. A hybrid of the two, Girl Scout Cookies will give both the cerebral psychoactive trip some describe as a mind-warp, while also providing a calming body feelings and euphoria.


Girl Scout Cookies tends to create more of a fuzzy headed feeling with heavy body sedation, while the terpene profile that OGs typically have will trigger more mental stimulation with body relaxation.


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