How does it produce such large clouds of vapor? And is any THC lost through water filtration?

"I’ve used and looked in to quite a few vapes and don’t believe I’ve seen cloud production this good. Does using water increase cloud production? "

The vapor production is due to our PHS (Perpetual Heating System) which actively monitors the heat levels as a user inhales and adjusts 30 times per second to maintain temperature. Most vaporizers do not compensate for the change in air temperature so you get thinner, wispier looking vapor as you draw more and more aggressively. Our patent centers around using lower temperatures to get thicker vapor which was a conundrum that took many months for us to solve. We like to think of it as a bit of vapor magic where science and art had to be utilized to produce such a satisfying inhalation.

As for your second questions, cannabinoids are not water soluble so very little is lost in the water. Now, when you combust and there is a bunch of tar for the cannabinoids to stick to that get filtered by the water, you will lose some THC through the water filtration. Just another great advantage for vaping over combustion. Let me know if you have any additional questions.


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