how does the delivery service work?

"I am trying to buy Sweet Releaf but can only find it through delivery. How does the delivery service work? Will they only deliver to my home address or will they deliver to where I am (work, etc)? What if my home address is a mail box and not a house?"

You will need to join the collective or dispensary by sending them your medical recommendation and sharing your driver’s license. This is just like if you went to a storefront dispensary. They need to verify you are a medical patient within the state of purchase. If this is through HelloMD this is very easy to do. Once you join the collective, assuming they ship statewide, then you will pay online and they will ship to the address given. If you have any additional questions you can always contact Sweet ReLeaf directly. You may only purchase products within the state and ship within the state of California. For instance if you live in Nevada you can not purchase Sweet ReLeaf and have the item shipped across state lines.

Hope this helps!


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