How does the hmbldt dose pen work?

"It looks different than other vape pens I’ve seen on the market."

The hmbldt dose pen was custom designed to deliver our need state formulations in a specific and repeatable way. Constructed using medical grade components and a specially designed microprocessor, a patient using the dose pen simply inhales from the end of the dose pen containing the window and the vaporization process is activated. After three seconds, a slight vibration indicates that the dose is complete. By carefully limiting the time of vaporization, controlling the temperature ramp of the vaporization coil, metering the airflow from inhalation and maintaining a consistent flow of our need state formulated oil to the vaporization element the device is able to deliver a repeatable dose to the patient on each activation. After 200 complete doses, the dose pen can then be recycled at one of our dispensary or delivery service partners to receive a $5 discount on their next hmbldt dose pen purchase.


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