How does this work for repetitive stress injuries?

Wikipedia says a repetitive strain injury (RSI) is an "injury to the muscle skeletal and nervous systems that may be caused by repetitive tasks, forceful exertions, vibrations, mechanical compression or sustained or awkward positions."
If you cannot avoid repetitive strain and you are at work, it’s a Worker’s Comp. claim and in California you are likely to not receive very effective treatment but a significant amount of money maybe thrown at the problem. Getting well we’ll be up to you.
Take your CBD cannabis with low THC so you are not high but you are stopping the inflammation and pain, supporting the bones muscles, muscles, joints and immune system. Slather the topical CBD salve at the point of pain but also along the spine to effectively interrupt the pain cycle, 2-6 times daily.
Is there a way to avoid the repetitive strain? Try to do things differently to avoid a reinjury. If all else fails, consider changing your job or your line of work since life is too short to be miserable.
Your muscle system is the process of applying empowering-directed movements and actions so I wonder if you feel that you have lost your power to make movements or actions. It is possible that the underlying cause of your repetitive stress may be found when you see what is disempowering you.
What would you really like to do with your life? And, what is really holding you back?


I have had excellent results using a similar product on an Achilles tendon injury from playing squash.

Rubbed in as massage, every night for two weeks solved the issue. This after no amount of rest or pain medications had any effect. I was playing squash again without pain afterwards.

Not quite repetitive stress injury, but still an excellent result.


How well a topical will work for repetitive stress injury really depends on which type of injury and whether or not you’ve been able to stop doing the motion that triggers the pain in the first place. For instance, sore shoulder muscles from doing something new that required the same motion over and over for a short period of time will often respond very well to topicals with THC for the pain and THCA for the inflammation. When the inflammation is addressed, it also relieves pain so the two in combination can nearly double the feeling of relief.

This THC/THCA combination also works on sore muscles and even tendons that hurt because of continuous overwork for longer periods of time. As an injury deepens so does the level of pain which results in a lessening of the topical’s effect. Finally, using a topical on a repetitive stress injury without stopping the repetition will more than likely result in very little pain relief. That’s because the body needs rest at the location as well as application of medicine to help bring down high pain and inflammation levels and give the body’s natural resources a chance to restore healing to the area.


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