How easy was it for you all to get your recommendation?

The process is relatively similar to a regular MD visit. HelloMD makes access to a provider easy by connecting you to a consultant on your phone or computer. The consultant will review your medical history provided to them by you and ask you a series of questions regarding your treatment goals. Each appointment takes about 15-45minutes depending on your medical history. You can provide medical records for review via Hellomd as well. Once the consultant approves your certification based your states laws, you will also be required to register yourself as a patient via the state system. Once registration is completed, your medical cannabis card will be mailed to you for access to a dispensary of your choice. I recommend choosing a dispensary with a pharmacist that you are comfortable working with as this person will be a very useful resource for questions regarding products, dosage, and follow up questions.

Hope you found this response helpful.


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