How is the vapeXhale different from other marijuana vaporizers?

"It looks really different from anything I’ve seen before."

smooth hits all around, if your coughing its because you took too much at once its so smooth you dont notice how big of a hit you took.

can do herb and concentrates
full glass tube
workes with hydratubes for water filtration
really great temp control
dosnt use much matirial

really easy to used


Here are a few differences of why to choose Vapexhale EVO over other options:

A few things:

  1. Cleanest/purest air path. Our airpath and heater are constructed of 100% borosilicate (Pyrex) glass.

  2. Extraction efficiency – our technology focused on extracting the cannabinoids from the flower/oil as efficiently as possible. This gives you greater therapeutic effect and requires less medicine for the same medication level.

  3. Won Cannabis Cup twice, one for flower functionality, second time for oils. One device that is best in breed in both.

  4. First convection based concentrates delivery device. Most concentrate devices require you to apply the concentrate directly to the heat source, similar to frying your concentrate. Our device functions as if you put your concentrate in an over, we use hot air instead of a hot surface to create the vapor. It tastes better, you use less, and the effects are stronger.

We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee if you disagree with any of my 4 points. We are very confident that if you give it a try, it will be the vaporizer of your dreams.


Efficiency – Saves you money. Use less product for same effect.

Glass, glass, glass – Don’t smoke plastic. Keep clean and pure.

Easily adds water pipe to the mix – Cleans vapor further while adding hydration. Your body doesn’t like dry air, it’s irritating. Cool, clean, moist.

Want to use just about any form of cannabis? Flower, concentrate, etc? No problem. Easy to load, easy to use.

Temp control – You control the release of different compounds at different temperatures. Stay below combustion level and you don’t create nasty carcinogens.

Peace and enjoy!


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