How long do Terra Bites take to kick in?

"I want to try these for insomnia as Dr Gerhart suggested. When should I take them, and how many to start? Also, if these work can I take them every night or will they become less effective over time like sleeping pills do? Thanks for your advice."

Terra Bites are great! From what I’ve seen, it takes 30-60 min to really get full effect from any edible. But when I first started using them I would wait 1 hour just to be safe before I increased my dose after hearing about to many edible horror stories. I’ve never had a problem. I always recommend a 5mg starter dose. You might feel it a little, or you might be exactly where you want to be off of that dose like a friend of mine is on that amount. I would say no higher than 10 mg for a beginner. Trust me. You can always increase your dose after 45 minutes if you don’t feel anything, but overdoing it is much more uncomfortable


These are good for patients who rely on low-dose THC to treat their symptoms and conditions, as each ball only contains 5mg of THC. so you can eat up to 24 bite-sized pieces from one can. To treat insomnia typically any type, shape or form of Indica would help. (Note that edibles will take about 45 minutes to "kick in"… it can change according to how much you ate and how your body reacts to it.) I recommend bite-size edibles while on-the-go or in-public situations, while working at the office or while traveling to my next destination. As a healthier alternative I recommend our Organic and Vegan Salted Almond pips  or Cinnamon red hot pips we carry at Green Door West. Similar to "Kiva Terra Bites",  only that they are vegan and organic!


I love the Terra Bites too! Wanted to address the second part of your question – you will become more tolerant to cannabis the more you use it, but unlike a sleeping pill you aren’t going to suffer any withdrawals if you don’t take your cannabis one night. And, even though you’ll become more tolerant, you’l find that taking a break for a day or two from your method of consumption usually brings you back to feeling the effects of the original/lower dose. Cannabis is cumulative!


Always try starting with a small dose – 5MG or less, which would be equivalent to one of our Terra Bites. Microdosing allows you to find your Minimum Effective Dose (MED), so you can treat your condition with the least amount of side effects. They will take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour and a half to kick in depending on your height, weight, metabolism, the last time you’ve eaten, etc… One trick to experience edibles faster is letting soluble edibles (like those based in chocolate) melt beneath your tongue. This will make the onset happen faster, but it will cut down on the duration. If you’re asleep, you shouldn’t notice though 😉 As for effectivity, you can keep your tolerance in check by either not raising your dose, or taking breaks when you find that you need a stronger dose for the same experience. Your endocannabinoid system resets after a period of no cannabis usage, so you can always bring your tolerance back down if you need to.


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