How long does a Kiva edible last, and how do I store it?

Thank you for your question. The shelf life on our chocolate products is 1 year. We recommend storing it in a dry, dark area away from children and pets!


Great question! KIVA’s products are all marked with "MMFG" and "BBD" dates, which stand for Manufacturing and Best By Dates. As you’ll see, the Best By Date is exactly one year from the Manufacturing Date. This doesn’t mean that our products are expired within one year, but that we can assure their quality and consistency for up to that time. I have personally tried Kiva chocolate that is almost two years old and found no difference in taste or potency- but I wouldn’t want to consume chocolate (infused or not infused) that is much older than that 😉

As for storing our chocolate, Kiva recently released an excellent guide for how to store cannabis chocolate. It can be found on our website at https://kivaconfections.com/news/chocolate-storage-tips. There you will find tips on keeping medicated chocolate safe from children, as well as stored in a way that keeps light, moisture and oxygen out. We recommend storing below 70 degrees if possible, and avoiding the fridge if you can. Thanks for asking!


Aside from the safety concerns regarding storage, KIVA bars are still chocolate. Contrary to popular belief, you shouldn’t keep them in the fridge as some level of moisture exists. Once moisture makes its way to the chocolate, it encourages mold growth, shortening the lifespan of the edible.

You should always be storing KIVA bars in a cool, dry place. Preferably sealed in an air-tight container, in the temperature ranges of 65-70 degrees Fahrenheit. Storing at any temperature outside of the range, specifically on the hotter side of the spectrum, will not only melt the chocolate but cause it to fall out of its "tempered state".

When it’s not tempered, the edible’s appearance may change into what looks chalky, grayish, or orange. While this is still safe to consume, it’s not necessarily appetizing. Proper storage helps insure that your bar is as fresh as the day it was produced.


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