How long does a topical last? How should I store it?

I think you want to know how long a topical product will retain its medical effectiveness, correct? In the case of Sweet ReLeaf, it is effective for a year from date of manufacture (usually within a month or so of when you buy it at a dispensary) although we’ve found it to work well past that! Store it in a cool place or if temps vary in your home, you could leave it in the frig on hot days.

If you are asking how long does a topical last when applied, that would depend on what you were treating and how deep the pain associated with the condition might be. Generally, for most mild to moderate pain, our original strength version can last for hours it not the whole day. For deeper, more chronic pain, using the original strength may only relieve it for an hour or two. That’s why we recommend the extra strength product which delivers alot more medicine to the area and seems to last a much longer time.


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