How long does it take for an edible to kick and to notice the effects?

There are a number of factors which determines an individual’s tolerance to edibles- and when they’ll start feeling the effects, including their height, weight, metabolism, and last time they’ve eaten. If you are ingesting an edible on an empty stomach it’s going to be digested much faster than if you have just eaten a full meal. Generally speaking, an edible will start to be felt within anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes. If you are considering eating more and raising your dose, it’s good practice to wait two hours for the full effects of your initial dose to be felt. Otherwise, you may overconsume, and possibly have an overwhelming experience. The standard advice in the industry is to start low (5MG of THC for beginner’s) and go slow (raising your dose every two hours in small increments until you have your desired experience). We hope this helps!


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