How long does marijuana stay in your system?

"I have accepted a new job that involves drug testing prior to starting. I smoked a joint this past weekend and my test is scheduled on Friday. Is a week long enough for it to clear out of my system?"

This really depends. Urine testing is the most common way of detecting THC in your system but how long it remains in your system in a detectable way varies.

Each person metabolizes THC at a different rate. THC is broken down into a chemical known as THC-COOH. This happens after the liver breaks down THC. The rate of break down varies the results as well as how much you may ingest. For instance someone who smokes or takes THC in any form on a regular basis, say every day or several times a week may test positive up to 10 days after smoking. A person that has smoked once may only test positive 1-3 days afterwards.

That said, a person that smokes a lot and frequently may still test positive after 10 days. In many cases, this type of consumer may event test positive 3-4 weeks later!

Hope this helps!


Any cannabis product with THC can potentially set off a urine drug test. CBD however is different, and if you are using CBD by itself it should not set off a drug test unless there are small amounts of THC in the product.


May I suggest a cleanse? Try drinking up to a gallon / day in the days leading before your drug test. there’s also evidence that exercise and taking B-complex vitamins might help. Finally, if you have further doubts, purchase a urine drug test from the pharmacy and test yourself. I hope this helps!


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