How long does the marijuana oil in an Evoxe vape pen last?

"How many inhalations will I get out of it?"

My experience so far has been that I can get 20-30 hits or more before they become thin and difficult to draw on………


Each pen has an average of 150 seconds of inhalation. The pens can last for up to a few days of very regular use, or weeks or even months with more sporadic usage. The longer the pull, the less total pulls there will be. Each THC pen contains 1/2 gram of oil with 350mg of THC. BALANCE has 125mg of award winning hemp derived CBD from Isodiol, and BALANCE+ has whole plant CBD extract. With our recently released V2 hardware, there’s a proprietary oil filtration system that ensures that all of the oil in the pen can be vaporized, and the battery will always outlast the oil.



I looked into your question, and it looks like Evoxe pens vary slightly depending on which model you purchased! Roughly speaking, their site lists the dosage in mg, seconds of available inhalation, and mg per second. They have their product info listed here on their site!


So after locating your particular pen on their site, I would divide the number of seconds available by how long your typical inhalation is. For example, if the pen listed contains 90-100 seconds of inhalation and your average draw is 2 seconds, that’s about 50 draws! Good luck!

For more general information on vape pens, head over to this fun article!


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