How long is THC in your system?

"I’m interviewing for a new job and I may need to pass a drug screening test. I’d like to know when I should stop my use of cannabis before testing to make sure I pass."

Personally I’d have stopped the minute I knew I was looking for a new job but to answer your question everyone is different and if your heavy it takes longer to get out of your system than a thinner person. I’d at least give yourself 6 months either way to be safe or longer…..D


Hi, the length of time it takes for THC to get out the body varies for each person. There are several factors that influence length of time including heavy vs light use, exercise, hydration etc. If you are a heavier user, I agree with Debbielee, and would give yourself 6 months for THC to leave your system. Exercise can also accelerate THC leaving the body. Lighter users may take 1-3 months. Good luck!


When cannabis is consumed, THC levels temporarily rise in the body, which are detectable by blood tests from several hours up to a day after single cannabis use. Although these THC levels drop significantly after a few days, use of cannabis will cause THC metabolic byproducts which can be detected via urine and hair tests up to 90days. THC and CBD metabolites accumulate in fat reserves throughout the body and are slowly released over time taking longer for the body to get rid of THC levels. The amount of time depends on your fat reserves, amount of water you drink, activity such as exercise, and how much you use cannabis.
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Unfortunately, there is not a definitive answer for how long THC is in your system because each person processes THC differently. As mentioned previously by @rachelnp , there are multiple factors that can impact how long THC is in your system: your consumption levels, your body type, your metabolism and the amount you exercise. If you are a regular consumer of cannabis, you would need to stop taking any THC-containing products immediately to ensure that there is enough time for THC to cleanse from your system. Generally speaking you want to abstain from cannabis for at least two weeks minimum, but it never hurts to forgo marijuana for a longer period of time. Also, be wary if you are interested in CBD products! Although CBD contains minimal amounts of THC, CBD can also affect how long THC is in your system.

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The length of time that cannabis stays in your system is difficult to predict because it varies greatly from person to person. There are quite a few different factors that impact how long you will test positive. To test negative, all of your THC intake needs to be metabolized and excreted. THC is metabolized in the liver to another compound called 11-OH-THC, and then further metabolized to THCCOOH, which is what the compound that drug tests try to detect.

THC is stored in fat, therefore patients with a higher body fat percentage have more storage for THC and will retain it longer, while patients with a lower fat percentage will clear THC quicker.
Fluid intake will also impact the results of the test. important to stay hydrated. Users that exercise more frequently will test negative sooner. Some individuals are genetically programmed to be fast metabolizers of THC, while others are not.

It is also important to consider the type of test being administered. Blood tests can capture 3-7 days of marijuana use. A hair test which is expensive, and not used often, can detect up to 90 day of use. However it doesn’t detect first time use. This test is usually used but law enforcement or military agencies during their hiring process. Saliva can test positive for 3 days. The urine test is the most common test, and can be detected 1-3 days after and up to 70 days with regular use.

The best way to ensure that you test negative would be to purchase an at home test.


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