How long should a scleroderma patient take THC oil for and is it contra-indicated with prescription drugs?

"Hello, a friend has scleroderma&is being treated with:Setraline 100mg(anti-depressant),lisinopril 5mg(for hypertension)& hydroxychloquine sulfate 20g(antirheumatic).She will soon start a course of THC oil with the intention of having a high dose treatment (1g/day over 3 doses) after building a tolerance over 20 days,& ideally would reduce this to a maintenance dose.I understand all cases are different however I was wondering how long she should take the high dose for to get a full treatment?We are planning 1g/day for 40days&then down to a maintenance dose thereafter?Also,I cannot find any reason to think these medications will have reactions with the oil except that we must monitor her blood pressure carefully,but if anyone knows anything else please do let me know.We hope that she will be able to reduce her medications slowly and eventually take only THC and supplements such as magnesium, hawthorne etc for her blood pressure.Diet&exerercise will also be priorities.Any advice would be much appreciated.Thanks!"

I certainly do not want to rain on your parade but unfortunately I do not believe that THC is the answer to your friend’s Scleroderma challenges. THC will be helpful but CBD is what will help to put autoimmune disease in remission and the THC may make your friend happy and functional. I would start your friend on a high dose CBD tincture to start building up the CBD levels. The THC may be done during the day (Please, see the article on microdosing THC) with CBD at night for deep restorative sleep and long term improved health but it will take about 1 month before there is a noticable difference and two months before you can really tell a difference so please, trust it will work.
Do consider going on a Paleo diet to eliminate all free glutamates from the diet since these are highly addictive and toxic especially to the neurological system. See unblindmymind.org & truthinlabeling.org
Good luck there is so much more but I am out of room….


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