How many drops and how often would you use Jayden's Juice to combat chemotherapy?

The use of cannabis with chemotherapy for cancer is very individual and you will have to experiment to see what helps you. The box from Jayden’s juice gives directions on how to increase your dosage until you get the desired effect. When I had cancer I took approximately 100 mg everyday of the Jayden’s juice but you very likely don’t need that much. Don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit. When you are on high CBD you don’t necessarily feel results immediately but over time you recognize that it has been of great benefit. My own attitude was my largest handicap when it came to chemotherapy because I didn’t want to do chemotherapy so my first treatment was very bad and then I started feeling better so I knew I had to complete the chemotherapy, I change my attitude and the rest of my treatments were a breeze. Good luck, you likely will do quite well.


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