how many edibles should i take?

"i have a pretty high tolerance to smoking, i have been smoking everyday for the past few months and multiple times a day. i have never taken an edible before and i have a bag of 500mg sour gummies each infused with 10mg of THC. how many do you think i should take?"

5-10 mg of THC in a whole plant extract is usually a good starting dose. With oral ingestion the liver will process many of the compounds and creates a more psychoactive compound in 11-hydroxy-THC. On a full stomach, try a small dose, wait several hours and if needed increase the dose. Many people overindulge in edibles, experience severe psychoactive effects, get scared and have a bad time. Some even call 911 or go to the Emergency Room. Take caution with edibles and don’t overdo it! CBD can act as somewhat of an "overdose" rememdy in that it will decrease the effects of THC and stretch them out over time. But don’t worry too much, as no one has ever actually died from a cannabis overdose.


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