How many mg of CBD do you recommend for anxiety?

"Can you provide a recommendation on dosage?"

This is highly variable and dosing is a frequent question people have in regards to cannabis. The good news is that you can play with CBD without the fear of getting stoned, as long as the ratio of CBD to THC is high, for instance a 20:1 tincture. CBD has proven effective for anxiety in research. See these articles below:

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For some CBD can be very relaxing and to others it can actually stimulate you, so a word of caution before using it at night. I take 1omg of CBD 3x a day for pain and it works well, I have also found that it takes time to build up in the system and to feel the full effect.

I would start with low doses suggested on the packages and also try a series of different ratios. Keep in mind that anything below a 4:1 may have some psychoactive effect on you.

I am not a doctor and this represents my opinion only. I hope this helps!


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