How many milligrams of CBD should my son take a day?

"My son is 3 years old and weight is 12.8kg (~28.21917 lbs). And he had a cerebral hemorrhage at 44 days old and had surgery at 45 days old. Currently he has epilepsy and cerebral palsy. After trying 11 drugs, nothing happens. Now he has about 4 to 5 seizures daily, each seizure lasts 3 to 5 minutes. So I want to use CBD for him but I don’t know where to start because cbd/thc/marijuana is not legal in my country.
Look forward to the help!
Sorry for my English not good, I use google translate to talk with you.
Thank you so much!"

I help many children with similar situations using CBD alone which is legal in 22 countries. Usual dose is about 1mg per lb body weight, start slowly and increase gradually if other AED are in use. Coordinate with your doctor so that they can check AED blood levels if exacerbations of his condition worsen. CBD has no significant side effects but does interact with AED to make them stronger or weaker.


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