How much cannabis oil do I take when dosing for Parkinson's disease?

"I would just like to confirm something – I have ordered the 20:1 ratio CBD:THC which the bottle says it is 250MG / 30ml bottle and the 1:1ratio THC:CBD and the says 150mg / 30ml – please confirm that you are saying just ONE DROP of the 20:1 twice daily and another drop every 6 hours as needed to control the tremors, anxiety & depression – her anxiety is really quite bad and were wondering if the neupro patch is not working as well anymore at the 6mg dose – she has only been on that for about 6 weeks and it’s just the last week or so that the anxiety has come back along with the foot shuffle and some tremors – typically the eyedroppers have markings of .25 ml, .50 ml, .75 ml & 1.0ml markings – I just want to make sure we use just ONE DROP and not go by the marking levels – for the sleep on the 1:1 ratio @ 150mg / 30ml what dose would we use there ? Thanks again for your response – we very much appreciate this information.

Hello! Since your post is anonymous and I don’t have access to your chart, I can only give you a generalized answer to your question. I usually recommend to patients to start at one drop and increase slowly over time to achieve the dose that is therapeutic without causing negative side effects. Cannabis reacts differently to each person, and there is some trial and error involved in finding the appropriate products and dosing, so that is why the motto "Start Low and Go Slow" applies to using new products. Hope this helps you some. Best of luck!


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