How much CBD do I need to stop a migraine?

That is a great question and unfortunately, there is no straight up answer I, or anyone else can give you that will be a definite. First, I assume when you say that you want to stop a migraine that you are looking to stop a migraine once it has started. There is also stopping a migraine before it starts, which is what i would call migraine prevention.

I started HelloMD because I suffered from migraines and after years of searching for a solution, I found cannabis. Cannabis not only helped me manage the pain from migraines, CBD is what has allowed me to prevent them altogether. That said, my experience is my own, and everyone’s body and endocannbinoid system is different and how cannabis interacts with your system is ultimately different from everyone else. I will give you tips on how I managed my own pain and the steps that I took.

Once you have a migraine, the pain is often uncontrollable. I suggest that when you feel a migraine coming on that you take a CBD tincture, ideally if you can tolerate THC, I would do a 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC. This ratio is well known for helping manage pain. THC is a great pain reliever and CBD is an analgesic, anti-inflammatory and helps to relieve anxiety. Follow the dosage suggestion on the product you purchase. My favorite CA brand is Care By Design.

If you have a migraine, I suggest continuing with the tincture & layering with a high CBD ratio vape pen. My favorite vape ratio is 3:1. If you have a higher THC tolerance…




continued answer…if you have a higher THC tolerance you can try a 1:1 vape oil cartridge. If you do not have a tolerance for THC then I would recommend a CBD-dominant strain such as ACDC or Charlotte’s Web. CBD is great for pain relief and relaxation. Personally, I prefer a CBD strain with some THC within it. This is a personal preference and is highly individual. Some people react best to almost all THC exclusively in terms of pain relief.

In my experience, I was able to prevent migraines with a high ratio CBD tincture of 20:1. I dose twice daily and found that after 6 months, I no longer had migraines after 25 years of suffering from them. Each person is different, so what worked for me may not be the best solution for you, but I would say that CBD in combination with a healthy diet, exercise and a lot of sleep, changed my life.

I hope this helps! Below is an article I wrote on my experience…


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