How much CBD oil is optimal for Stage 4 breast cancer that is currently in remission?

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The medical literature providing case reports of those patients with cancer having apparent cures from various cannabinoids is scant. While researching cannabinoids, specifically CBD, and it’s action against breast CA cells, I found an interesting case report of a gentleman having an apparent "cure" for his lung CA using CBD products. Even though the cell types as well as the cure/ treatment is different from lung and breast CA, some extrapolation can be made. The pt’s dosing schedule for his lung CA was as follows: "On further questioning, the patient stated that he had started taking CBD (“MyCBD”) oil 2% (200 mg CBD in 10 mL) from the beginning of September 2017. He took two drops (0.06 mL, 1.32 mg CBD) twice daily for a week and then nine drops (0.3 mL, 6 mg CBD) twice daily until the end of September. Following the November 2017 CT scan, the patient started taking nine drops twice daily but had to stop around a week later "
However, we want to stress that this is not necessarily the best dosing schedule for one w/ breast CA; it is merely an example of one dosing schedule (in this case, CBD). A few papers mention the experimentation w/ dronabinol (THC based) for breast CA treatment. I hope these various examples prove useful in trying to formulate a CBD or THC dosing schedule


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