how much cbd should i take in pill form

Cannabis dosing, which includes CBD, is very personal. There is no set dose for everyone. The appropriate dose depends on the medical condition or symptom and the individual’s endocannabinoid tone. Some people respond to doses as low as 1-2 mg, while others require much higher doses, say 50 – 100 mg. The necessary dose is determined by titration. Meaning, you start with a very small dose and gradually increase it until your symptoms are alleviated. This is more easily done with tincture or oil. Once you determine your dose, it might be convenient to switch to capsules of that amount. I would suggest starting with a CBD oil with a concentration that yields anywhere from 1-3 mg/drop and start with 1-2 drops. You can assess your response to the dose after 20-30 mins and add a drop or two if necessary. Once your symptom is relieved, you add up the number of drops you took and multiply times the number of milligrams per drop. Start with that amount the next time you are in need of a treatment. Do this over 3-4 days before making your final determination. If the amount equals the number of milligrams in a capsule, typically 10mg, 20mg, or 50mg, that’s what you take. Dosing for certain conditions such as cancer, autism, and seizures is approached a little differently and should be done with the supervision of your recommending physician.


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