How much CBD should I take? What's the recommended dosage?

Everyone is so different when it comes to reaction to cannabis. My question are:

  • How many inhales are you taking?
  • What is the pain you are trying to relieve?
  • Have you tried a 1:1 or one higher in THC ?

For myself, a 2:1 would work, but I would take 1-2 inhales. I am a super lightweight with THC. On higher CBD pens I inhale a lot, maybe 20 drags and it relieves pain but is not psychoactive. There is no answer that i can give to ‘how many puffs’ as the variance between people is incredibly different. I would say you should feel relief within 5 minutes if you have the right dosage and product for you.

I am not a doctor, this represents only my opinion and I hope this helps!


Pamelas response is right on, you might not have enough THC in there for relief. In my opinion, CBD and THC work best in a 1:1 ratio for everything, including pain and insomnia. The thing about all cannabis products is experimentation is key in order to discover your personal limits! If youre not feeling the desired effects from the vape pen, increase the amount of puffs you take until you do! smoking or vaping cannabis doesnt take long for you to feel, most people feel it pretty instantaneously. If in 30 minutes you arent feeling it, take one more and see how that feels. After a trial and Error period, you’ll know that you like 2-3 or 5-6 drags from your 2:1 ratio pen, and then its much easier to medicate. Because of how differently everyone reacts to cannabis, no one can really help you there. Just start low and keep increasing your dose until you find your sweet spot.


The best way to know how many "puffs" to take is to experiment! This is largely due to the fact that not all pen are created equal and the effects of relief or "high" from vaping varies from one "pen" to the next. For instance, is the chamber ceramic (or not), does it have a push-button (or not), can you regulate temperature, and most importantly how about the actual quality of the concentrate in the cartridge and how organic and chemical-free it is? I would suggest you purchase the vape pen and concentrates (specifically CBD) from a reputable vendor who only uses the most stringent quality controls.


There is no one right dosage of CBD for everybody. When you are using CBD Cannabis often it’s to correct a medical problem and that helps to determine what the correct dosage might be for you for that given problem. Since CBD helps to stop inflammatory disease in the body often times people use high doses of CBD but the ratio of CBD to THC also plays a huge part in your response to the medication.


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